Rust Meetup Linz - 18th Edition

 3 months ago
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Rust Meetup Linz, No. 18!

Happy new year, fellow Rustaceans! Let's start this year with another Rust Linz meetup and some exciting guests.


📅 Schedule

📣 Welcome and Introduction
Rust Linz Organizers
17:30 (5:30pm CET)

We will start the night with the usual welcome round and some community news.


📣 Error Handling In Rust - A Pragmatic Approach
by Luca Palmieri
17:40 (5:40pm CET)

Rust does not rely on exceptions - errors are values, handled via the `Result` enum. Calling a fallible function forces you to account for errors - the type system does not let you ignore them.

Developers speak highly of Rust's approach to error handling.
At the same time, they often report feeling lost and confused when modelling the unhappy path of their Rust applications.
They have questions and the answers are not always straight-forward: how do errors fit within the broader architecture of our application? What does a good error look like? Who are errors for? Should we use a library? Which one?

This talk will offer a pragmatic framework to determine how to approach error modelling/handling in a variety of different scenarios.

ℹ️ About Luca
Luca Palmieri is a Principal Engineer at TrueLayer.
He is a co-organiser of the Rust London User Group and the author of "Zero To Production In Rust", an introduction to backend development using the Rust programming language.
He is the author of a few crates in the Rust ecosystem (e.g. cargo-chef, wiremock, ndarray-stats, linfa, etc.) as well as a few workshops (i.e. build-your-own-jira-with-rust and ndarray-koans).


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