Changelog #111

 1 year ago
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Changelog #111

Jan 10, 2022

New Features

  • #11112 evaluate constants in array repeat expression:

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  • #11193 add setting to replace specific proc-macros with dummy expanders:

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  • #11208 expand attribute macros on impl and trait items.

  • #11214 poke user when supplying faulty configurations.

  • #11145 add setting to use reasonable default expressions when filling missing fields.


  • #11107 (first contribution) fix generic type substitution when implementing trait with associated type.

  • #11061 support Move if to guard on if-else chains.

  • #11178 keep block modifiers in Replace match with if let.

  • #11184 pass through mutable parameter references when extracting a function.

  • #11195 pass through reference modifiers when extracting a variable.

  • #11190 improve function parameter completion.

  • #11200, #11207 always put a space after dyn and impl in macro pretty-printing.

  • #11201 fix completions not considering ancestor items for attribute search.

  • #11202 fix hang in apply_demorgan assist.

  • #11204 shorten replacement path in replace_qualified_name_with_use.

  • #11211 fix parsing of #[derive] paths.

  • #11218 don’t insert &mut twice in parameter completion.

  • #11194 don’t include lifetime when generating documentation for new.

  • #11220 don’t include lifetime arguments in add_turbo_fish.

  • #11238 shrink the span of errors from attribute macros and derives.

  • #11187 rename and use the 1.55 proc macro ABI for 1.54.

Internal Improvements

  • #11115 refactor: avoid separate traversal in Replace filter_map().next() with find_map().

  • #11157 remove SemanticScope::speculative_resolve_as_mac.

  • #11189 remove lossy Definition::{from_token,from_node} methods.

  • #11216 support registered tools and attributes in ide layer.

  • #11225, #11230, #11237 clean up doc and attribute handling.

  • #11232 filter out macro calls by file id in when building DynMap.

  • #11235 record attribute calls on assoc items in TraitData and ImplData.

  • #11236 avoid InFile wrapping of DynMap keys.

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