Continuous integration and testing with custom GitHub workflow for Windows base...

 1 year ago
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Alex Damiani

Posted on Nov 17

Continuous integration and testing with custom GitHub workflow for Windows base image


This video covers how to run continuous integration (CI) and testing (pytest) on a GitHub repo automatically with GitHub Actions. Specifically regarding using a Windows base image, which doesn't allow using any prebuilt GitHub Actions from the marketplace and instead the workflow must be written from scratch with PowerShell.

Linting is done using the following packages:

  • flake8
  • mypy
  • isort

The use cases are:

  • python package dependency is Windows-only and can't be installed on Ubuntu
  • application will be running on Windows natively and you want testing to simulate the production environment
  • application will be cross-platform and you want testing to simulate all possibilities of the production environment

The video covers:

All the code for the video is on GitHub as well, with the link in the video description.

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