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Helping the time-poor read more, through our newsletter
The Chatty Mammoth Newsletter helps you fit in more reading:-We find pieces of writing designed to prompt new thoughts, perspectives, and questions-We then summarise each article into <90 words-You sit back and receive daily condensed knowledge, hassle-free
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Helping the time-poor read more

👋 Howdy Product Hunters, I’m Harry, the editor of The Chatty Mammoth. Great to meet you!

First and foremost, thank you @5harath for hunting us! 😊

❓What is this non-extinct entity that we’ve called The Chatty Mammoth? ❓ We’re a newsletter (soon to expand to other channels) that removes the ‘time-vampires’ from reading. We find and summarise stimulating articles so that you can consume just the conversation-worthy components. 🤔 The Why 🤔 Pretty much everyone is familiar with the virtues of reading. But, are you happy with how much reading you actually fit into your day-to-day life? As a team of writers, we were fed up with hearing our friends and colleagues complain that they don’t have enough time to prioritise reading. The Chatty Mammoth is our solution. 🥳 How we help you read more 🥳 Each day we send you an email condensing, on average, 6000+ words (3 long-form articles) into a 2-minute read. What we promise: ✓ We only choose articles that prompt new thoughts, perspectives or questions. ✓ We find articles from small, unknown or uncommon publishers. We don’t want to cover anything that you may have already seen. ✓ We summarise each article with the intention of providing one central takeaway ❌ We DON’T stick to one specific niche - we believe a broad knowledge-base is key to enjoying the small things in life ❌ We strictly avoid anything considered common knowledge

💰 A bit of an incentive 💰 If the thrill of new knowledge each day isn’t enough, then perhaps our exclusive Product Hunt deal will entice you:

Our standard pricing (🥱): USD $2.73/week (i.e. $140/year) Our Product Hunt deal (🤠): 🎉 USD $10 for LIFETIME access 🎉

🚀🚀🚀 Simply head to this URL to redeem the offer: https://tinyurl.com/TCMdeal 🚀🚀🚀

Let loose with any questions, or if you don’t have any questions, pose us a riddle. We’ll start: What is broken when it is not held?

Wishing you a great day!

All the best, Harry Heyworth Editor/Conversation Enthusiast

Marketer. Freelance SEO. Learner.
Congrats for the launch. Looks great product to me.
Dev @ Bonjour.io #2 Product of the Day
@5harath @hazheyworth Cool idea! Is there any main theme in each newsletter? Or the summaries are from very different articles? Congrats on your launch :)
2x Best Selling Author
2x Best Selling Author
@5harath @hazheyworth @benjamin_grandfond2 thanks for the question :) with countless newsletters already out there focusing in on particular niches, we wanted to keep it broad, providing a wealth of knowledge not contained to one genre.

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