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A private place for everything you care about
All your notes, bookmarks, inspiration, articles, and images in one single, private place, enhanced with artificial intelligence.mymind is for busy people. For those who move too fast to be bothered with folders, labels and systems.
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Good morning everyone!

I just woke up to the news of seeing this on ProductHunt, quite surprised myself as this wasn't planned at all (:

Thank you for 'hunting' our product called mymind and thank you for all the lovely comments I'm reading on here already.

mymind was born out of a personal need. My co-founder and I wanted an app that serves as an extension of our minds. A tool that picks up where our minds stop working.

I'm a believer in "organized" chaos and for me, other tools never worked because they forced me to come up with a structure and organize the things I put into it. Most tools I'm excited to use in the beginning, but then eventually the excitement fades as the tool becomes too cluttered and my system of organization too complex over time.

The idea with mymind is essentially the exact opposite of what you can find in other tools. The idea is to get out of the way and complement your already existing flow.

1. You save something with one click, no need to organize or think about where it should go. 2. If you want to find it again, you just search for it, your mind does the rest.

Honestly, there are so many things I could write about, and some of it we put already on our website, so I'll keep it short:

WHAT is mymind? https://mymind.com/what

WHY did we create mymind? https://mymind.com/why

HOW does it work? https://mymind.com/how

Why is privacy so important to us? OUR PROMISE: https://mymind.com/our-promise

And of course, our manifesto, which is what guides our principles: https://mymind.com/manifesto

PS: And yes, we're a TINY team. We're bootstrapped and entirely self-funded. We are not planning on raising VC funding because we like to stay small, bootstrapped and focused on our values and members.

Our current focus is building out our native experiences (better iPhone, Android, iPad and Mac apps) as well as new core feature such as our Reading Mode.

PPS: We have a free trial, but once you hit the limit we ask you to support us by joining the Mastermind plan. We will be announcing new plans in the coming weeks to make our product more accessible (currently we only offer an annual plan, but email us for a monthly plan option).

THANK YOU! Tobias & the mymind team

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