I'm depressed because I am not able to get good at CP

 1 year ago
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I tried solving problems from Kattis Online Judge and Online Judge (UVa) but I'm barely able to solve problem A and B in codeforces Div 2 round. I had high hopes that I would be able to get good this year but it is not working out. I've been doing CP for around 10 months. I'm not able to approach C and D problems at all. They use some crazy dp bitmasking logic which goes over my head. Rant over

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One day sun will rise, keep practicing :)

  • 14 hours ago, # ^ |

    To be honest, Sun rises daily at my home.

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    how do you confirm this assumation? i see alot of people who stay newbies for a couple of years then they vanish

    • 8 hours ago, # ^ |

      their sun never rose because they were too afraid to face the storm

      • 7 hours ago, # ^ |

        wow this hit different (not kidding) i don't know what about the post writer but maybe you are right, most newbies (including me) don't try hard stuff they only solve what make them comfortable, but i don't think this applies to every newbie some people know cool algorithms and solve tons of hard problem but they don't even reach pupil but yeah maybe cp isn't for all people

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          • lol i just assumed that the post writer is a newbie and this is his problem maybe he is expert and cant make it to CM, how dumb i am
        • 7 hours ago, # ^ |

          Rev. 2  


          knowing cool algorithms won't help if one doesn't have good problem solving skill ( thinking ability )

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Learn DFS and boom, you are 1600!!

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Can you share your practice profile?

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kattis problems!=codeforces problems, if you wan't to have better cf rating solve cf problems

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If you post this from your main account then maybe people can help based on your profile, but posting this from other account is meaningless.

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I wasn't able to understand a ton of topics (including bitmasking) for the first 2ish years I did cp; I only ended up learning it after I became a master. Don't stress too much about learning certain topics, things like bitmasking will only show up on a small subset of problems anyways. Most codeforces problems from A-D can be tackled with raw ad hoc intuition.

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    did you practice only on codeforces and how long have you been doing cp? I think I'm randomly solving from various online judges which isn't helping. Sticking to a particular regimen might help.

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      I've been doing cp for like 3 years now. I practiced mostly off codeforces/usaco/atcoder. Never really focused on particular topics except rarely (always found it too boring lol). Just did practice problems.

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i may look like a troll account,but im going to share you 1 valueable advice that not even lgm can give.

always think that everything is easy.

now you may ask,"how can i think everything is easy when i am not even able to solve problems?".theres one thing i want to tell u,if you cant solve a problem,then you are doing good,else youre just wasting your time.

the reason why i say this is because i experienced that,and ive broke it.think like this,you are given 2 hours to solve 6 problems.the logic is that it is possible to solve all problems.and if u cant,then u lack knowledge,not intelligence.lets take an example,0-1 knapsack.it was probably 200 years ago when it was first made.so its around 1800.it took human civilization 1800 years and millions more in order to make a 0-1 knapsack algorithm and ur suppose to do it in 2 hours(not mentioning the problems are varied lol).so how to wrap million years of civilization into 2 hours? cheat from others.see what others have found and apply.i think reading what others have made is cheating lol.like if ur truly smart implement binary search without realizing its binary search or make ur own programming language.the thing is that this feat is impossible unless u have years.so dont expect yourself to answer some problem if u dont even know the right track on how to approach it.just practice.if u feel like the problem is too hard,dont bother doing it.see the editorial immediately cuz itll help you learn things faster.take notes.remember.then pray for the next contest so it has similar problems.dont listen to youtubers as theyll just say practice(cringe lmao).

so yea the conclusion is,just have a positive mind and do problems.enjoy the process.

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Don't worry, just do it for fun. If u don't find it interesting then you don't have to do it.

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keep gaining experience by solving more and more problems, watching others solutions daily.


This is how I keep myself motivated. I started doing little serious cp 4month ago and solved 380 problems till now, and now div2 problem C looks do-able in contest to me. still im newbie

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    U r still newbie bro bcoz of some cheaters :(

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Even I have the same issue with my rank. I started cf in April and am still stuck at Newbie.

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then get good at something else, maybe sports.

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My approach keep doing As and Bs of div2s... (No problem, see editorial if you were not able to figure them out during the contest). Give 2-3 contests per day and upsolve till B only.. Do this for a month or two months. Then definitely you will get more comfortable with Bs also as they are also not much complicated just as A. Then after that Start doing the same trick but this time try to solve till C (and reduce no of contests per day to only 2) and after thinking for half days... See the editorials in the later half of the day... It is not mandatory to solve in the form of virtual contests.. you can just solve just entering in the contest area and take your time. Similarly now after a few months or so you can start upsolving till D. and yes this is the time where your ability or problem solving skill must have increased.. You may also reduce the number of contests at this stage as C and D problems need more time to think. This way you will grow. Remember: take your time you will grow slowly but yes difficult problems like C and D involve the concepts learnt from As and Bs, it means doing As and Bs are contributing to increase your problem solving... In this way you might be an expert or a CM in a span of 1 to 2 years.. Yes it takes time but it is worth it... Currently People who got more ratings than you but given lesser time than you in CP will not be as good as you in future because they might be good at As and Bs only but as you would have done far more problems than them you would have seen variety of problems, you will be better than them in Cs and Ds. PS: If you have spent only a few months (less than 2 months) on codeforces, then getting better at As and Bs might take a few months more... but it is okay take your time and you will rock!!

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It's a long process. Keep practicing.

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i have also been there once .my base form (without practice was around 1080), it took me 17 months of continuous cp and 1100 problems to get to 1715 max(not that worth it ,but yet not bad). stucked at newbie for 4 months stucked at pupil for 3 months at specialist 7-8 months and now an unstable expert

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