RISE with SAP – Simplify the Transformation of Your Business for the Digital Age

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August 27, 2021 1 minute read

RISE with SAP – Simplify the Transformation of Your Business for the Digital Age


RISE with SAP offers a holistic on-your-terms and on-your-timeline transformation to an intelligent enterprise. You can remove complexity with a simplified engagement and guided journey through your business transformation. We offer you a faster time to premier value and the flexibility you need without a high up-front investment. Watch the overview video.

The updated RISE with SAP page on the SAP Partner Portal now also features Industry and Line of Business transformation packages. The following enablement packages for partners gather the sales play, executive presentations, and authorization requirements for each transformation package:

Partner Enablement sessions are ongoing. These will help SAP partners understand and effectively position the RISE with SAP Transformation Packages. Catch the replays or sign-up for upcoming webinars.

Additionally, we have added a RISE with SAP Sell page onto the SAP Partner Portal for better visibility of sales-related content, product authorization for RISE with SAP, customer stories, test and demo licensing services, demo scenarios and more.

Get started on your digital transformation today – with RISE with SAP.

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