Get ready for a summer of smash hits

 2 years ago
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Now through August 9, save 50% on weekly scene-stealers, showstoppers, and other stellar assets to make your game a sequel-worthy hit. From 2D and 3D tools to fantasy and sci-fi art packs, we’ve got what you need for your next big release.
WEEK 1: Low-Poly Prequel

Smash Hit Summer begins with Low-Poly Prequel deals to help set the scene. Whether you’re making a VR or low-poly style game, soak up a week of savings on assets like TopDown Engine, Spine Animator, and DreamOS – Complete OS UI

Still think that low poly isn’t for you? Check out some versatile selections that transcend boundaries, such as Camera Controller, Terrain Grid System, and Ultimate Replay 2.0, so you can see what you’re truly capable of.

WEEK 2: Back 2D Asset Store

Now this is a sequel you don’t want to miss: Skip the line and save on assets to make your 2D game stand out. And if you think that 2D just means side scrollers and mobile titles, think again. There are plenty of possibilities for you to combine facets of both 2D and 3D gaming with tools like Shapes, Real Ivy 2 Procedural Ivy Generator, and Love/Hate.

Of course, this week’s sale also covers classic assets for 2D games, like uMMORPG 2D Remastered, Fantasy Heroes: Character Editor, and Cartoon FX 2 Remaster, among others.

WEEK 3: Return to 3D

Prepare to step into the limelight and show off your 3D game from all angles – all summer long. If you want to make an eye-catching 3D hit, be sure to leverage your creative thinking, along with this week’s discounted tools like Volumetric Fog and Mist, SUIMONO Water System, and MegaSplat.

Looking for even more assets for 3D games? No problem. Check out the Stylized Fantasy Creatures Bundle, Top-down Caves, and Crux – Procedural AI Spawner.

WEEK 4: Fantasy Quest

This is your call to adventure, but it’s dangerous to go in alone. Be sure to take this, and this, and this, and also this. Now your hero’s journey can begin.

Fulfill your destiny with assets for fantasy games, such as Castle Valley Collection 1, Weather Maker – Unity Weather System, Sky, Water, Volumetric Clouds and Light, and Dynamic Starry Sky. You can dive even deeper into new realms with art packs like Lordenfel: Castles and Dungeons RPG pack, Dark Fantasy Gigantic Environment, and Super Orcs Monster Pack.

WEEK 5: Sci-Fi Strikes Back

Use the force to give your game the comeback it deserves with this week’s sci-fi savings. Engage with space-themed assets like Next-gen Planets, Space Stations Creator, and Sci-Fi Armors Full Pack.

Need even more to build your empire? Take on tools that are simply out of this world, including the Ultimate Spaceships Creator, SurrounDead – Survival Game Assets, and Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit colony to help you get going.

WEEK 6: The Last Chance

Missed some weekly deals on assets you really wanted? Well, we’ve got your back with an epic conclusion to this season’s series. Skip the line one last time with two more weeks of savings on Smash Hit Summer bestsellers.

That’s right – we’re taking the top-selling assets from previous weeks and giving you another chance to grab that awesome tool or art pack you’ve been missing. This is your do-over; an opportunity to finally launch your dream project.

Don’t miss out, shop the sale today!


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