Monster Hunter Rise Update 3.0 Concludes Story, Adds New Elder Dragon, More

 1 year ago
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The second major update is now available for free

Great news Monster Hunter fans, as Capcom has just released the second major title update for its latest entry in the series, Monster Hunter Rise. The Version 3.0 update is now available for free and comes with lots of story-oriented content, new monsters, new weapons and armor options, as well as new skills.

During the Monster Hunter Digital Event, Capcom revealed a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, which provides details on what's in store for the game. To sum it all up, Version 3.0 update introduces two more new monsters to the game and will include a new ending to the game’s storyline, new quests, new weapon and armor options, new skills, and much more.

If you haven't watched the digital event for fear of spoilers, you didn't miss that much. To get directly into the juicy details, this update marks the arrival of a new variant of Valstrax, the flagship monster from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

The mysterious Elder Dragon is known by the name Crimson Glow Valstrax and can soar through the skies by changing the shape of its wings, allowing it to fly and attack from unusually high altitudes. The second important monster added in the update is the Apex Zinogre, which features an electric “golden lighting” look and different attacks that might leave hunters in shock.

Furthermore, a new quest featuring an epic showdown with the Thunder Serpent Narwa and Wind Serpent Ibushi will provide players with a highly-anticipated new ending to the storyline. This new story ending, as well as the two new monsters, new quests, new weapon and armor options, new skills, and more will be available to players for free right now.

Last but not least, Capcom announced that fashion-forward hunters will be able to get DLC Pack 3 that's now available for purchase, which includes even more new voice options, gestures, hairstyles, sticker sets, background music and more.

Keep in mind that Capcom plans to expand the Monster Hunter Rise experience in June, July and August, as the studio will add even more collaboration quests, event quests and other extra content that will be revealed soon.

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