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 1 year ago
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Watch short tutorials on Figma, while designing in Figma!
Figma Tips is a plugin that helps you up your design game in Figma by watching short tutorial videos, in Figma!
📺 Watch tips as you design
💾 Save a tip to a file to share tips with others
🐦 Share tips via Twitter
❤️ Save your faves to a list in the plugin
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Designer Advocate at Figma.

On the Figma Designer Advocate team, we've all been sharing quick tips to teach you tips and tricks in Figma. But it always felt so off, readjusting those windows to have YouTube open in the browser and Figma next to it. I created this plugin so that you never have to leave Figma and practice what you're learning in context.

You can learn as you go, save your favorites, share helpful tips and never have to login to YouTube!

Product Creator + Mentor
@rogie you've outdone yourself. This is amazing 🙌 10/10 recommend playing with this if you haven't already. The Figma community is top-notch.
Founder - Designer at Squareflair
I approve of this Sausage 🌭 A+++
FreeTime CoFounder
Co-Founder @ tl;dv
Undeniably helpful! 🙂
product marketer at figma
Designer Advocate at Figma.
Product Enthusiast
This is amazing, I do find myself having to context switch previously to watch the tutorial video and then go back to figma to try it, and vice versa.
Graphic Designer, illustrator
This is good!!
Product Marketer
I like Figma a lot, and this sounds pretty useful, thanks!

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