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 1 year ago
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Fast and Secure VPN Service

The killer VPN app you just can't miss.

We only offer the best VPN service to people.
Unlock Censorship and Region Restrictions
LightyearVPN deploys Shadowsocks and V2ray servers to help you easily pass through the censorship. While accessing international website content, such as YouTube, Google, and Twitter, it can also maintain a high-speed and stable connection.See All Features
Support Your Personal Devices
LightyearVPN supports most operating systems, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Android TV. One LightyearVPN account can support 5 devices to connect to LightyearVPN's global servers at the same time!
Global High-Speed Servers
LightyearVPN deploys enterprise-level servers in more than 50 countries and regions. Connect anytime, anywhere. The 24/7 live customer support will help you with troubleshooting. Our tech team will always make sure the stability and speed.
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