Announcing What’s New in vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon 1.1

 3 years ago
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Announcing What’s New in vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon 1.1

We’re excited to announce the availability of the VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon for on-premises customers on vRealize Operations 8.4. Both Standalone vRealize Operations Advanced or Enterprise and vRealize Suite or vRealize Cloud Universal customers will be able to enable the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon from the vRealize Operations Marketplace. This Management Pack empowers administrators to monitor, identify anomalies and optimize VMware Horizon environments. It provides consistent operations throughout their VMware Cloud Foundation hybrid-cloud stack for vSphere & Horizon administrators.

What’s new in 1.1

Updated Dashboards – We’ve updated many of the out of the box dashboards to have even more content and insights into Horizon environments. The updated Horizon World Overview provides at a glance information to administrators to help proactively monitor and manage their Horizon environments.

Support for Login Duration Metrics – Administrators will now be able to see more detailed information as it relates to login metrics for users across their Horizon environments. It quickly highlights users that have slow login times. Administrators can then dive deeper to determine root cause in the troubleshooting workbench.

Pools & Farms Dashboards – These dashboards have more information related to the health of a Pool or Farm. The key KPIs highlight areas for administrators to focus in on.

RDS Capacity and Disparity – New this release is also the ability to understand even more into the remaining number of sessions in a given RDS Farm. Administrators will also be able to isolate any RDS Hosts that have performance that is unusual by looking at connection disparity. When RDS Farms have disparate connections to the hosts, there is typically a configuration or performance bottleneck. These new metrics highlight the disparity and surface relevant information for administrators to remediate.


If your organization needs a Horizon monitoring & management solution, you’ll want a single control pane – a common operating model – that reduces complexity and gives you consistent operations leveraging these new capabilities across your entire environment. Get a free 60-day trial or try our Hands on Lab.

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