Key SAP Function Modules for SAP Vistex beginners

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Posted on March 28, 2021 Less than a 1 minute read

Key SAP Function Modules for SAP Vistex beginners

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In this blog I would like to publish few Key SAP Function Modules  which are useful for SAP Vistex beginners.

Function Module Description /irm/eppd_save PL equivalent /IRM/EPPD_CHECK_CHANGES Check Changes /IRM/EPPD_CHECK_CHANGES_SINGLE Check Changes of a Single Document /IRM/EPPD_MATERIAL_MAINTAIN Update SAP Material Master /IRM/EPPD_POST_LOG_GET Get Message Log /IRM/EPPD_POST_LOG_INIT Initialize Message Log /IRM/EPPD_POST_LOG_MSG_ADD Add Messages to the Post Message Log /IRM/EPPD_SAVE Save /IRM/EPPD_UPDATE Update /IRM/EPPD_UPDATE_DB Update DB /IRM/EPPD_UPD_MESSAGE_LOG_GET Get Message Log /IRM/EPPD_USER_SETTINGS_SAVE Save User Settings /IRM/EPPD_USET_CHECK_CHANGES Check Changes User Setting /IRM/EPPD_SNP_PROCESS Process Material Dashboard /IRM/EPPDPR_PROFILE_READ Profile Read /IRM/EPPDPR_READ Read Profile Run /IRM/EPPDPR_VIEW View Profile Run /IRM/EPPDPR_VIEW_SINGLE View Single

By exploring the above list of sap function modules and their where used list, any ABAPer  can able to learn the basic flow of SAP Vstex.

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