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 1 year ago
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Emergence-volume-1-cover1b-207x300.pngIf there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that we need to think globally.

The stories we hear–both from across the world and on the street–deserve to be shared. Our latest initiative is a celebration of those stories and the people who make them happen, united under a common vision for a better world that’s more powerful than even a pandemic.

It’s out of the spirit of connection we find in our communities near and far, the beauty of diversity we find in encountering someplace new, and the innovation that comes from moving beyond our four walls that we invite you to subscribe to “Emergence: The Journal of Business Agility.”

What is “Emergence?”

“Emergence” is the Journal of Business Agility. Four times a year, we bring together a curated selection of exclusive stories by great thinkers and practitioners from around the globe that you’ll only find in our publication. These stories, research reports, and articles were selected to broaden your horizons and spark your creativity.

With our compliments, download a digital copy of the first edition and see what all the excitement is about.

Subscribe now for issue 2; due March, 2021.

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