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 1 year ago
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New Training: Perform Automated Infrastructure Testing using Pester and PowerShell

Hello everyone! One of my latest video training skills is live over at CBT Nuggets (blog announcement). If you’d like to learn about how to use PowerShell Core Edition and the Pester testing framework to automate infrastructure monitoring, then you’ll be sure to enjoy this skill.

If you’re logged into CBT Nuggets, you can use this direct link to find the training.

Using Pester for infrastructure testing gives you quick insight into what’s performing well, and what services could be failing. By integrating Pester with cloud vendors, you can ensure that resource costs don’t get out of control, and ensure that your security configurations are enforced!

You’ll learn how to perform ping tests, web endpoint tests, and even integrate with cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, you’ll learn how to perform setup and teardown tasks before executing tests, and execute a subset of tests based on the associated tag whitelist or blacklist.

If you don’t have a subscription to CBT Nuggets, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial for CBT Nuggets, so you can explore our entire content library. Additionally, you can sign up for a perpetually free learner account, provided you have a Google (Gmail) account. A subset of the CBT Nuggets content library is available for those with free learner accounts.

Please feel free to share your feedback by using the voting buttons on the skill. You can also leave a comment on the video training skill, and you can join our CBT Nuggets learner community on Slack to converse with the trainers directly!

Check out the CBT Nuggets blog post!


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