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 1 year ago
source link: https://wikileaks.org/hackingteam/emails/emailid/227462
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Hacking Team

Today, 8 July 2015, WikiLeaks releases more than 1 million searchable emails from the Italian surveillance malware vendor Hacking Team, which first came under international scrutiny after WikiLeaks publication of the SpyFiles. These internal emails show the inner workings of the controversial global surveillance industry.

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Linux USB pwn

Email-ID 227462 Date 2013-09-12 08:26:55 UTC From [email protected] To [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

"A local user with physical access to the system could use this flaw to crash the system resulting in DoS or, potentially, escalate their privileges on the system."

"Linux kernel built with the Human Interface Device bus (CONFIG_HID) support is vulnerable to a memory corruption flaw. It could occur if an HID device sends malicious HID report with the Report_ID of greater than 255."


- Source code to build a teensy++ board based exploit for (CVE-2013-2888) - Paper on how to practically exploit the Linux core HID driver vulnerability (CVE-2013-2888)

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