Xiaomi Ships Android 11 Update, Completely Bricks Devices

 2 years ago
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The Android 11 update for the Mi A3 breaks down the phone

Xiaomi this week rolled out the Android 11 update for the Mi A3 series of phones, but as it turns out, the new release does more harm than good.

Several users are complaining, via XDA, that installing the update shipped by Xiaomi actually breaks down the smartphone completely, making it impossible to boot.

What’s worse, some say they can’t even reach the bootloader, and others explain that connecting the smartphone to the PC for a flash is impossible either.

“Same. Phone was stuck on ANDROID-ONE logo for 15-20 minutes, then black screen. Then nothing, totally dead. Fastboot not working, I'm trying to make it reachable from my pc but so far nothing,” someone on reddit explains.

No word from Xiaomi

Ironically, it looks like Xiaomi even charges for software repairs, as one user on reddit says they took the device to a service center, only to be told they have to pay a small fee to bring the device back to working condition. Despite the whole thing actually being caused by a bad software update, that is.

“Thank God the service centre was less than 500m away from my house. Although my phone was out of warranty and they said any software related issues will cost me 180INR (3USD),” the Xiaomi customer explains.

At this point, Xiaomi is still tight-lipped on the problem, so if you haven’t installed the update already, you’d better not do it because the device could end up completely bricked. And what’s worse, with Xiaomi not providing a fix and the company remaining tight-lipped on the whole thing, customers struggling with their phones no longer booting are left all alone in the struggle to find a workaround.

We have also reached out to Xiaomi and will post a follow-up if we hear back from the company.

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