The ‘Red Slime’ Lawsuit That Could Sink Right-Wing Media

 2 years ago
source link: https://medium.com/the-new-york-times/the-red-slime-lawsuit-that-could-sink-right-wing-media-10dd547b0860
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The ‘Red Slime’ Lawsuit That Could Sink Right-Wing Media

Voting machine companies threaten “highly dangerous” cases against Fox, Newsmax and OAN, says Floyd Abrams

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Smartmatic founder and CEO Antonio Mugica speaks during a press briefing in central London on August 2, 2017. Photo: Niklas Halle’n/AFP via Getty Images

By Ben Smith

Antonio Mugica was in Boca Raton when an American presidential election really melted down in 2000, and he watched with shocked fascination as local…

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