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 2 years ago
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Holiday Sale: Save $10 on Extra Crunch membership

Travis Bernard@travisbernard / 10:45 PM GMT+8•December 21, 2020

From now until January 3, TechCrunch readers can save $10 on an annual Extra Crunch membership. Users outside the U.S. will see a similar discount for the holiday sale, but it will be in a local currency. 

You can claim the deal here.

Extra Crunch helps you spot technology trends and opportunities, build better startups, get ahead at your job and stay connected to a growing community of founders, investors and startup teams. It features thousands of articles, including weekly investor surveys, daily market analysis, deeply researched company profiles and expert interviews on fundraising, growth, monetization and other work topics. 

You also can find answers to your burning questions about startups and investing through Extra Crunch Live, and stay informed with our members-only Extra Crunch newsletters. Other benefits include an improved TechCrunch.com experience, 20% off future TechCrunch events and savings on software services from AWS, Crunchbase and more.

Join our growing community of founders, investors and startup teams at a discounted rate here.

If you have questions about the sale or Extra Crunch membership, please contact our customer support team at [email protected]

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