Promising Google Keep alternative Bundled Notes is exiting beta

 2 years ago
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Promising Google Keep alternative Bundled Notes is exiting beta
Promising Google Keep alternative Bundled Notes is exiting beta

We first went hands-on with Bundled Notes back in May when it was still in beta, and in the meantime, a lot has changed. Developer Xavier Tobin launched a web app, added Kanban boards for project management, fixed tons of bugs, fine-tuned the UI, and made sure the experience feels rounded out. Today, the Indie app finally launches as version 1.0, complete with a new logo and the first few translations.

bundled-notes-1-217x482.png bundled-notes-2-217x482.png bundled-notes-4-217x482.png

Feature-wise, not too much has changed compared to the last few beta releases. A ton of smaller bugs and some housekeeping had to be taken care of to ensure a rounded out product at launch. As such, Bundled Notes has received a shiny new icon and an improved onboarding experience for new users. It has also been translated into eight languages thanks to the help of volunteers: Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese BR, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. If you've been using the app for a while already, you'll also notice a better templating system, enhanced Kanban boards, improved visuals and animations, and tweaks to reminders. Some essentials like exports, account deletion, and a proper privacy policy have also been added.

- Feature complete for release 1.0
- Batch tag-switcher
- Improved Kanban board options
- New icons
- Visual and animation improvements
- Improved bundle templating system
- Basic account exporting supported
- Account deletion supported
- Improved language support (8 languages)
- Many bug and crash fixes & many tweaks

If you've been holding off from giving Bundled Notes a try until now because of the lack of image attachments, you might not have to wait too much longer — Tobin promised to add a robust attachment system in version 1.1. And if you're interested in a more in-depth look, check out our initial hands-on and the kanban board follow-up.

The app's basic features are free, but you're limited to a total of 6 bundles with 400 notes each (so you get a total of 2400 individual notes). To access the web app and unlimited notes and bundles, you need to subscribe for a monthly or yearly fee of $1.89 or $17.99, respectively.


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