Best Multitools 2020

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Best Multitools 2020

7 Dec 2020

Best Multitools TechnoBuffalo 2020

Sometimes, the best tool is the one you have with you. This is doubly true when you have a plethora of tools at your belt with a great multitool. Whether it's a screwdriver, pliers, or a just a bottle opener, a multitool will have what you need, when you need it. We put some of the best multitools to the test just for you.


Best Overall: Leatherman Wingman Multitool

Staff Pick

When looking at the best multitools, you really can't go wrong with a Leatherman. The wingman has 14 different tools, with the pliers being the main selling point. It's surprising how good that small set of pliers is, and how often I use mine for assorted chores around the house. It's also incredibly easy to open one-handed, which is very helpful in a lot of emergencies.

$48 at Amazon

A Beloved classic: Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

You can't talk multitools without talking about the Swiss Army Knife. While I don't think it is particularly useful for DIY jobs, it is fantastic to have with you out at the campsites. From can openers to a tiny pair of scissors, the swiss army knife has everything you need to survive a night in the wilderness.

$69 at Amazon

For the outdoorsy type: RoverTac Camping Tool

This multitool has a particular set of tools focused on outdoor living. The Rovertac has some small tools that spin-out from the bottom — screwdrivers, bottle openers, and the like — but the big selling point is the small hatchet and hammer that make up the bulk of the multitool. These bigger tools are worth their weight in gold when you are out in the brush.

$27 at Amazon

Storing your multitool: VIPERADE Leatherman Multitools Sheath

When you use your multitool on a daily basis then you need to keep it close at hand as well as safe and secure. This sheath from Viperade has room for the Leatherman wingman, as well as a small flashlight and a pen or mechanical pencil. The leather is tough, yet supple enough to fit comfortably on your hip without digging in.

$24 at Amazon

Choose your tool!

A multitool is only helpful if you rememebr to keep it with you, so make sure you keep it on your belt or in your pocket at all times. For my money, I went with the Leatherman Wingman as it has that incredibly sturdy pair of pliers and most of my emergencies seem to be pulling things out of other things, don't ask me why.

If you are roughing it out in the campsite, then the RoverTac may be the right thing for you. The hatchet, hammer, and to a lesser extent, the pliers are incredibly helpful for dealing with making fires and setting up shelters. It's now one of my favorite camping kits.

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