Best folding electric scooters 2020

 1 year ago
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Best folding electric scooters 2020

7 Dec 2020

Best folding electric scooters TechnoBuffalo 2020

If you live in any kind of urban area, you'll know how difficult it can be to get around in a timely fashion. Driving a car to your work could take hours in traffic, and public transport can be full of germ-ridden humans at any time. A folding electric scooter solves your commuting woes by being easy to use, easy to store, and fun to ride.


Best overall: Segway ninebot max electric kick scooter

Staff Pick

The Ninebot Max is an almost perfect electric scooter. Sure, it is on the high-end for cost, but the build quality and extra features you get make it worth your while. With a massive 40 mile range, 18mph top speed, and app tracking, the Ninebot lets you travel just about anywhere you need to go and get there fast. We love the Ninebot for commuting as the 40-mile range means we can get to and from work on a single charge, though, of course, that might not be true for everyone.

$800 at Amazon

Best for kids: Gotrax gks electric scooter for kids Age of 6-12

The area we live in has a lot of enjoyable things for kids to do, but they are just a little too far to walk comfortably. These small electric scooters are perfect for a four-mile round trip and can fold up neatly while at home. I would have liked a locking bolt for these as kids scooter often get stolen, but you can still lock it easily enough. Get your kids a great gift with this excellent scooter.

$98 at Amazon

Best weight limit: Hover-1 journey electric folding scooter

I'm a pretty big guy (260 pounds), and a lot of these folding scooters don't recommend me using them. Most of them have a weight limit of 200 pounds, though they seem to work fine at 220-240lbs. The Hover-1, though, as a weight limit of 265lbs, meaning I can ride it comfortably at full speed without worrying about it snapping from under me!

$300 at Amazon

Easy to transport: Glion dolly foldable lightweight adult electric scooter

While foldable scooters are easy to use and the folding part makes them easy to store, when you need to move them around without power, or indoors, it can be a pain. The Glion dolly scooter fixes that with an excellent carrying system that uses to small dolly wheels and a retractable handle that allows you to pull it around in it's folded state. You can even get an optional cover to hide the scooter even further. This is perfect if you want to use the scooter to commute to the office, but want to keep it discreetly hidden.

$430 at Amazon

A comfy commute: Gotrax gxl V2 commuting electric scooter

The Gortrax GXL is the happy midpoint between budget and commuter distance. With a battery that will last up to 14 miles and a recharge time of just four hours, you can easily use this to commute to most job locations if you live in a big city. The four hour recharge times also means you can be sure you'll have all the battery you need when your day is over, and it's time to go home.

$248 at Amazon

Boot scooting baby

The advancement in technology that has led to these scooters is fantastic. You can now use these as a legitimate way to travel too and from work, knowing that it won't die halfway through and make you push it the rest of the way. Being able to get to work without spending hours stuck in a car, or stuck on public transport is a gift that cannot be overstated.

Although it is relatively pricey, nothing comes close to the Segway Ninebot for ease of use, speed, and range. When you add up how much traveling to work costs, then the Ninebot seems like a sound investment.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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