What software do I use?

 2 years ago
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What software do I use? · Alex Gaynor

Alex Gaynor

Hi, I'm Alex. I've been CISO at a startup named Alloy, an engineer working on Firefox security, and before that at the U.S. Digital Service. I'm an avid open source contributor and live in Washington, DC.

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What software do I use?

Wed, Nov 12, 2008

Taking a page from Brain Rosner’s book, today I’m going to overview the software I use day to day. I’m only going to cover stuff I use under Ubuntu, I keep Windows XP on my system for gaming, but I’m not going to cover it here.

  • Ubuntu, I’ve been using the current version, Intrepid Ibex, since Alpha 4, and I love it. You quite simply couldn’t get me to go back to Windows.
  • Python, it’s my go to language, I fell in love about 14 months ago and I’m never going to leave it.
  • Django, it’s my framework of choice, it’s simple, clean, and well designed.
  • g++, C++ is the language used in my CS class, so I use my favorite free compiler.
  • gnome-do, this is an incredibly handy application, similar to Quicksilver for OS X, it makes simple things super fast, stuff like spawning the terminal, posting a tweet, searching for a file, or calling on Google’s awesome calculator.
  • Firefox, the tried and true free browser, I also have to thank, Gmail Notifier, Firebug, Download them All, and Reload Every.
  • Chatzilla, I figured this extension deserved it’s own mention, I use it almost 24/7 and couldn’t live without it.
  • Gedit, who would think that the text editor that came with my OS would be so great?
  • VLC and Totem, you guys are both great, VLC is a bit nicer for playing flvs, but I love Totem’s ability to search and play movies from Youtube.
  • Skype, makes it easy to get conference calls going with 5 friends, couldn’t live without it.

As you can see most of the software I use is open source. I don’t imagine anything I use is very outside the mainstream, but all of these projections deserve a round of applause for being great.

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