New Flash Player Beta

 1 year ago
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New Flash Player Beta

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

We have released a new Flash Player beta, codenamed Airwolf. This is a developer only beta, and we are making it available it order to get any feedback or issues from the developer community. There is only a small turn time on this tech beta so your feedback in a quick and timely manner is much appreciated.

Update : The beta is now closed and the new player has been released. You can find information about it here.

New features / fixes include:

  • Masking Device Fonts
  • Accessing ID3 properties in MP3 files with the Airwolf Player
  • Flash scriptability (XPCom/LiveConnect) support for Netscape
  • Text fields are now more efficient and consume less memory
  • Intel P4 optimizations

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