Flash Communication Server party

 2 years ago
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Flash Communication Server party

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

I just got back from the Macromedia Flash Communication Server party. Lots of people showed up to see information and demos of the Flash Communication Server. The sound was messed up, but people seemed to be excited about the demos.

We showed the Jeremy Allaire Macromedia MX presentation, authoring Flash Communication Apps with the Flash Communication components (not yet available) (imagine building full fledge text and video chat room in about 2 minutes), and a collaborative whiteboard application.

Afterwards, there was a chance to meet and chat with everyone. I talked to Phillip Torrone, Christian Cantrell, Glenn Thomas, Branden Hall, Nigel Pegg, Eric Dolecki (met him for the first time), Natalie Zee, Steve Leone, Erik Natzke, Dave Yang, and Veronique Brossier (first time). Everyone was excited about the possibilities of the new technologies, and i could see them already starting to think up cool things to do with it.

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