Reaching the right people at the right time and place

 1 year ago
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Reaching the right people at the right time and place

It seems one key element to marketing is knowing how to find your customers. Someone in my area seems to have taken that to heart. Imagine the situation. You get stoned, then you get the munchies, so you go out for some chicken. While there, you desire more drugs. What can you do?


Yep, someone actually scribbled "need trees?" and a phone number on this sign which is posted right in front of their cash register. I imagine the $4.59 is for chicken and not the product behind that phone number.

I assume this is not some kind of notification that a code word exists to get something "extra" with your meal. What do you do, order this and then say "got 39 cents"?

Or hey, it could be a sting operation. They're clever that way.

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