Lightning Talk: F#: The Best Tool for the Hardest Problems

 1 year ago
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Lightning Talk: F#: The Best Tool for the Hardest Problems
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Mathematical Planning is the science of answering the question "What should we do?" In this lightning talk Matthew Crews shows why F# is the best tool for performing MP.

Mathematical Planning (MP) is the science of caring for people. It focuses on answering the question, “Given a quantifiable goal, constraints to be obeyed, and decisions to be made, what is the best plan?” Every organization is answering this question every day. Everything hinges on whether we can continually identify the best course of action. Mathematical Planning is an underutilized technology and I am on a mission to inform and empower developers to use it.

Mathematical Planning has been slowly coming into the mainstream and there are now libraries in most programming languages. Python has PuLP and Gurobi, C# has OPTANO, and F# has Flips. I will show that F#’s unique set of features make it the ideal tool for performing Mathematical Planning. These features include the functional-first nature, the algebraic types, and Units of Measure. I will show the power of Mathematical Planning and how F# addresses many of the pain points found in other languages when developing real-world Mathematical Planning models.


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