Introducing Relay FM's 2015 Summer Pilots

 1 year ago
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Introducing Relay FM's 2015 Summer Pilots — Relay FM

First up we have Reconcilable Differences, featuring Merlin Mann and John Siracusa. We are thrilled to welcome these two podcasting powerhouses to Relay FM, and we are so happy with how this show is shaping up. On each episode of Reconcilable Differences, you'll get to hear John and Merlin prod at each other’s backgrounds as fans of technology and pop culture, filling in holes, arguing minor differences, and generally teaching each other about the things they both love.

This is the first time that John and Merlin have hosted a podcast together, and episode one of this show features heartwarming and enthralling stories of growing up.

The first three episodes of Reconcilable Differences will be released over the next three weeks. After this point, each episode will be released fortnightly.

Now we come on to Cortex, featuring CGP Grey, in conversation with Myke Hurley. Over time, Myke has become increasingly fascinated by the methods Grey uses to get his work done, and this show will be exploring how he remains productive, while producing Youtube videos that are seen by millions of people.

Cortex is going to feature Myke quizzing Grey about many facets of the way he works, how he manages his time, what his workflow looks like for creating Youtube videos, and why he puts 'sleep' on his calendar.

Episode one of Cortex is all about how Grey chooses his computing devices and how he manages and arranges them. Over the course of the first episode you'll also hear Grey's growing disappointment in Myke's systems, and many suggestions on how he needs to rethink them.

Both episodes of these shows are available for you today. Subscribe to them, rate them in iTunes and share them with your friends.

We are incredibly thrilled to welcome Merlin, John and Grey to the Relay FM family. This is a great day for us.


Reconcilable Differences:


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