Welcome, Mac Power Users!

 1 year ago
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Welcome, Mac Power Users! — Relay FM

I've listened to Apple podcasts for a long time, and with over 250 episodes published, Mac Power Users has been a constant listen of mine for years.

Mac Power Users isn't just a podcast; it's an institution. The guest list is impressive, with greats like Rod Roddenberry, Merlin Mann, Aisha Tyler and David Allen making appearances.

That's why today's announcement is so exciting: MPU is joining Relay FM.


David and Katie share an unparalleled passion for learning about, teaching and exploring new ways to get things done. From workflows and applications to interviews and more, Mac Power Users is always on point.

I've learned a ton of things from David and Katie. You won't find a nicer, more authentic pair of Apple nerds around. Myke and I are thrilled to have such great voices from the Mac community as part of Relay FM.

How to subscribe:

The current podcast feed will be redirected as well and this is scheduled to happen this Thursday, April 30th. However feed direction can cause problems so we're asking everyone to instead please subscribe to the new RSS feed to make sure you don't miss an episode and avoid other problems.

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