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 1 year ago
source link: https://github.com/Galaxy-Coding/diamond-bot
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A helpful and funny discord bot

To get started, simply Invite the bot!


.d ping Test command
.d beep Another test command
.d server Displays info about the server
.d user Info about the user
.d avatar Shows the user's avatar
.d gay avatar Displays the user's avatar with a rainbow overlay
.d trigger avatar Displays the user's avatar with a triggered overlay
.d lag API latency and latency
.d uptime A link to the bot's uptime dashboard
.d meme Shows a meme
.d reddit meme A meme from reddit
.d clear Clears the prevoius 100 messages

The commands below arrow_down are obvious:

.d joke
.d koala pic
.d fox pic
.d bird pic
.d panda pic
.d cat pic
.d dog pic
.d koala fact
.d bird fact
.d fox fact
.d panda fact
.d cat fact
.d dog fact
.d geek joke
.d trump quote
.d ron swanson quote
.d kanye west quote
.d chuck norris quote
.d star wars quote **More commands and updates coming soon. Stay tuned!


To contribute, simply submit a Pull Request. Make sure the code follows teh prevoius format and indent with spaces. Have fun!

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