Facebook tells business users that iOS 14 privacy features will impact marketing

 1 year ago
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Facebook is alerting business users on its platform that new privacy features in iOS 14 could "significantly impact" their marketing and advertising efforts.

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Perhaps even more scary for Facebook and all the ad sellers selling targeted ads is if the collapse of their entire business model in the iOS arena doesn't cause havoc, and the emperor suddenly appears naked in public.

I've always had serious doubts about the efficacy of targeted ads - I tend to see them primarily after I've bought an item (and am no longer in the market).

I suppose if you're the type who hems and haws and takes days or weeks to make a purchase this could have an effect on you, but once I've decided to pull the trigger I go in, visit a few sites, and simply do it.

It's not like all those targeted ads get you a better deal or something.


sflocal said:
bshank said:
Well at least they’re finally making it more clear who the real customer is: businesses who want to market stuff to us. Better than pretending the users of the app are their customers.
Has Facebook ever said that the users are their customers?  I don't recall ever hearing or reading that.  It's been known that users were always the product.

By placing ads in the nationals, Facebook was trying to galvanise the general public against Apple. They realised, in pretty short order, that this wasn’t going to work, so they’ve now pulled back to focus on businesses. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never clicked on an ad on any platform. I even avoid clicking on ads in the App Store. 


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