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 1 year ago
source link: https://tickets.puppetlabs.com/browse/DOCUMENT-763
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Puppet Enterprise Update docs are missing a step



Agent upgrade docs describes the process to use puppetlabs/puppet_agent to upgrade agents but appears to be missing a step. In puppet_agent, this check prevents an upgrade if the package_version is not set and the client is already on version 4. The instructions do not describe setting package_version. As no PE3 editions are supported, that leads to this info in the puppetserver log:

puppetserver.log:2017-11-09 15:16:25,955 INFO [qtp1303862262-69] [puppetserver] Scope(Class[Puppet_agent]) puppet_agent performs no actions if a package_version is not specified on Puppet 4

I was able to remediate this by specifying the package_version in hiera:

puppet_agent::package_version: '5.3.3'

I am not sure of the instructions to do this in the Console or I would open a PR for it.

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