Infragistics announces Uno Platform specific UI Controls

 1 year ago
source link: https://platform.uno/blog/infragistics-announces-uno-platform-specific-ui-controls/
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Infragistics announces Uno Platform specific UI Controls

We are happy to announce that Infragistics, a UI control ‘household’ name with 30+ years of experience in providing productivity UI controls for .NET developers is releasing their initial offering for Uno Platforms consisting of Grids, Charts and Gauges. In addition to Uno Platform-specific controls, Infragistics also announced support for WinUI!

Infragistics is not just giving their paying customers early access to the Infragistics Ultimate UI for Uno Platform Preview controls.  Anyone from the community can download these great controls and start using them NOW for free. You can see the full announcement from Infragistics here, but more importantly you can Download the FREE Infragistics Ultimate UI for Uno Platform Preview.

See below for some pixel-perfect, LOB controls you can now use on WebAssembly, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and of course Windows!




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