Uno Platform 2021 Roadmap Survey

 2 years ago
source link: https://platform.uno/blog/uno-platform-2021-roadmap-survey/
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Uno Platform 2021 Roadmap Survey

TLDR: Take Uno Platform 5-minute Survey now to help us decide 2021 priorities .

Every year we run a survey to help us decide Uno Platform big priorities in the year to come. We are talking big rocks, not feature requests which we decide together with you in our GitHub repo.

In our December 2019 survey you asked for more releases, more platforms supported and improved WebAssembly performance. In 2020 we responded with 8 releases (vs. 3 in 2019), added support for macOS, Linux and Skia, and we have doubled down on our AOT compilation for WebAssembly.

In 2021 WinUI will reach RTM stage, which when combined with Uno Platform we think will be the best platform for C# and XAML developers for creating multi-platform applications on desktop, mobile or Web. It is crucial for us to understand your priorities in order to be able to advance Uno Platform further and get closer to #WinUIEverywhere vision. Thanks in advance for taking 5 minutes to share your opinion with us.

Take Uno Platform 5-minute Survey now to help us decide 2021 priorities .

Jerome Laban, CTO, Uno Platform

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