Property-based Testing in Java: How to Specify it

 1 year ago
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Property-based Testing in Java: How to Specify it

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The last article in the series was about driving implementation with properties in a TDD-like way. Today’s article is short, but not because there’s so little to say but because I put most of the contents to a repository and a URL of its own.

How to specify it! In Java!Permalink

A few weeks ago John Hughes, unarguably one of the most prominent practitioners of Property-based Testing, published How to Specify it!. In this paper he presents “five generic approaches to writing specifications”.

I found this paper so full of knowledge and good advice that I transferred the code examples for Haskell / QuickCheck to Java / jqwik. Additionally I adapted the text to fit these examples.

Here you can read the fully transferred paper. Enjoy and comment!

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Updated: July 19, 2019

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