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Wildcard is a browser extension that empowers anyone to modify websites to meet their own specific needs, using a familiar spreadsheet view. It’s a research project as part of my PhD at MIT, with my advisor Daniel Jackson.

Here’s a 60 second demo of adding read times to Hacker News using Wildcard:

Onward! 2020 talk

Here’s a short 15 minute talk from Onward! 2020, which shows a bunch of examples and explains some of the deeper ideas behind the project:

Academic Publications

End-User Software Customization by Direct Manipulation of Tabular Data.

Geoffrey Litt, Daniel Jackson, Tyler Millis, and Jessica Quaye

Onward! Papers 2020

Wildcard: Spreadsheet-Driven Customization of Web Applications.

Geoffrey Litt and Daniel Jackson

Convivial Computing Salon, 2020

The best place to get a general sense of the project is the web version of the Convivial Computing Salon paper.

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  • Project leads: Geoffrey Litt, Daniel Jackson
  • Contributors: Tyler Millis, Jessica Quaye, Kapaya Katongo, Gloria Lin

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