Talk Python to Me: #264 10 tips every Flask developer should know

 2 years ago
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Episode #264: 10 tips every Flask developer should know

Published Tue, May 12, 2020, recorded Fri, May 1, 2020.

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Are you a web developer who uses Flask? It has become the most popular Python web framework. Even if you have used it for years, I bet we cover at least one thing that will surprise you and make your Flask code better.

Join me as I speak with Miguel Grinberg about his top 10 list for tips and tricks in the Flask world. They're great!

Links from the show

Miguel on Twitter : @miguelgrinberg

Miguel's blog : blog.miguelgrinberg.com

python-dotenv package : pypi.org

httpie package : httpie.org

Quart : pgjones.gitlab.io

Talk Python episode on Quart : talkpython.fm

secure.py package : github.com

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Miguel Grinberg

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Miguel Grinberg is a Software Developer at Rackspace, where he works on cloud applications. He blogs at blog.miguelgrinberg.com about a variety of topics including web development, Python, robotics, photography and the occasional movie review. Miguel is the author of the O'Reilly book "Flask Web Development”. He lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

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