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Articles & Tutorials

square_Bildschirmfoto_2020-02-02_um_13.56.29.pngIntro to animations with Jetpack Compose


Zsolt Kocsi got inspired by the Kotlin-Pokedex project and its Flutter counterpart, flutter_pokedex, and started experimenting with a Compose-based solution for it.

Adding some Storage (to) Space


John O'Reilly wrote a short article about the addition of SQLDelight to his PeopleInSpace Kotlin Multiplatform sample.

The Power of Types for Errors


Danny Preussler discusses limiting the number of primitives we use in our code in favor of using custom types instead.


square_bitrise.pngBuild and operate Android apps faster with Bitrise


From Android-specific solutions to full cross-platform support, we aim to streamline your development process through one, easy-to-use service. Whether you work in Kotlin, React Native, or any other framework, Bitrise is the way to go. Sign up for a free trial today!

Encrypting Shared Preferences with the AndroidX Security Library


Seth Lopez shows how the AndroidX Security library was recently added and makes storing encrypted shared preferences data simple and easy for apps with a min-sdk of 23+.

Back Stack Management with Chrome Custom Tabs


Scott Pierce examines how to handle the OAuth login flow using Chrome Custom Tabs.

Android Fragments: FragmentContainerView


This article by Husayn Hakeem explains what FragmentContainerView is, how to interact with it, and goes through some of the Fragment animation issues it tackles

Blogging: Writing


Mark Allison wraps up his articles on how he is able to come up with ideas for blogs posts every week and how he writes the post and the code/projects that go along with it.

Start Before You Finish


Mark Murphy examines navigating from one Activity to another, and if the order of calling startActivity() and finish() matters.

Reactive state container architecture with knot


StefMa implements a reactive state container architecture with the help of a library called knot.

Build a WhatsApp Clone on Android With Kotlin – Part 1


In this tutorial, Thierry builds a functional clone of WhatsApp with Kotlin.

Assistant & Pizza - Part 1


Omar Miatello starts a series of articles on building an Actions on Google Assistant with Kotlin.

Using Logs to Improve Actions


If you have an Action published on Google Assistant, Jessica Earley-Cha shows how to use your logs to improve intent accuracy, evaluate user journeys and more.

The Navigation Component…not that hard


Jimoh Zainab brings you a story about the navigation component in android apps and shows you how easy it is to use.

Coroutines and Java Synchronization Don't Mix


Dan Lew demonstrates the case where you were using a synchronized function in Java but now want to make it suspending in Kotlin, Mutex is the most natural way to make that conversion.

Exploring Drawers in Jetpack Compose


In this blog post, Nikit Bhandari shows how to use different types of drawers in Jetpack Compose.

Kotlin Code Organization


Artur Dryomov shares some tips for organizing the Java / Kotlin code and tests in your projects.


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Work with the world's leading brands on Android/Kotlin projects. From anywhere.

Libraries & Code



The Madman library (Media Ads Manager) enables you to advertise video contents with video ads. If you have your own VAST server and want to render video ads on Android and have full control over the UI, then this library is for you.



The Square Cycler API allows you to easily configure an Android RecyclerView declaratively in a succinct way



A Gradle plugin that infers Proguard/R8 keep rules for androidTest sources.



Android Pokedex on Jetpack Compose

Videos & Podcasts

square_Bildschirmfoto_2020-02-02_um_13.57.50.pngAnnotation processing for Kotlin


Csaba Kozák introduces how to write and test annotation processors that behave well even in Kotlin projects.

Work Manager & Moshi


Two presentations from the January Android Budapest Meetup


square_Bildschirmfoto_2020-02-02_um_13.58.15.pngWith Great Tech Comes Great Responsibility


A student guide by Mozilla Foundation for navigating ethical issues in the tech industry.

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