Top 7 Dark-Themed Admin Templates

 2 years ago
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If you don’t have any definite preferences in design, you should try dark colors, because dark themes look so stylish and become more and more popular. That is why we decided to find the most amazing React, Angular and Vue admin templates with dark themes. If you ever googled admin templates then you probably know that there are tons of them and that is fine to be on the fence about which one to choose. If you are not sure whether to use admin dashboards templates or not you can read the article about the benefits of admin templates . The incorrect choice of an admin template may lead to a giant waste of time and money — so it’s the decision you should think about for a while.

The history of dark themes is full of misunderstandings and data inaccuracies. Some people might say that the first OS with a dark mode was Apple’s System in 1991. But we all can agree that the origins of the dark mode probably can be found in coding. Developers use dark themes since the dawn of time.

If you like dark designs like we do our team here to share the best admin dashboard templates 2019 with dark themes!

Light Blue Admin Dashboard


Image source: https://demo.flatlogic.com/light-blue-vue/dark/#/app/main/analytics

Light blue template is one of the most stylish and modern templates on the Internet. The design concept was developed by a professional UI expert. It’s built with transparent blocks and has a deep background. The designer picked colors that match the dashboard transparency style perfectly, every detail is in its place and the dashboard looks complete. It has a huge amount of ready-to-use UI components in the same style: widgets, buttons, calendars, charts, etc. The whole template resembles a well-structured, “made to order” dashboard which can meet all your business requirements, whether it’s SaaS, IoT or CRM, CMS systems.

Light Blue template is a premium dashboard, but you also can find a free version which has a familiar design but less amount of ready-to-use UI components. The cost of the premium template is $59,95.

The template has 4 different versions based on the framework used in development — so you can pick the one that fits you:

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Demo Price: $59.95

Luna Admin Theme


Image source: http://webapplayers.com/luna_admin-v1.4/

Luna admin theme is a premium admin template with a flat and dark design concept. The white navigation bar on top, the blackish navigation panel on the left side of the dashboard, color components and a dark background create an elegant looking and friendly design. The template provides you with a wide range of analytical tools — you can visualize your data with a huge amount of metrics and charts. Since Luna has three monitoring pages one of which is a modern world map that shows the activity of your website users, it becomes a great template for monitoring and administration web applications, project management system or other custom projects.


Image source: http://webapplayers.com/luna_admin-v1.4/activity.html

In the UI elements section, you don’t see a great variety of elements, charts, icons, etc. But it’s enough to start any type of projects you want. If numbers, charts, tables, and metrics are in demand in your project, Luna admin theme will become a good tool for compiling and analyzing any data. The cost of Luna admin theme is 26$.

Black Dashboard Angular


Image source: https://demos.creative-tim.com/black-dashboard-angular/#/dashboard

Black Dashboard Angular is a recently released dashboard, made with angular-cli. It can be named a bold experiment in design since its dark background is in stark contrast with a true red color of the dashboard elements. A navigation bar is designed using Bloody Mary gradient while some linear charts are made using colors that flow smoothly from bright red to dark blue. Bloody Mary gradient is also used in the buttons and that makes the whole design looks fascinating. The design concept looks remarkable, but the brightness of the red navigation bar moves the focus from UI-components and charts, which is logically incorrect. The dashboard doesn’t include a great variety of UI-components, but it’s enough for not big and complicated projects. In general, we can say that the dashboard is memorable with the unique navigation panel. If you see attractive the gradient in this template, you can try it and you will not be disappointed — especially considering that the template is free.

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Demo Price: free

Corona Admin Template


Image source: http://www.bootstrapdash.com/demo/corona/jquery/index.html

Corona is a very compact and nice-looking admin template. The template offers a simple and clean design. Every component works just well with the dark theme and its colors don’t shift your focus away from the information on charts and numbers. Among distinctive features in the design of the dashboard are colored icons within the navigation bar and 249 flag icons of different countries! The template is easy-to-use and easy-to-understand, it has a lot of UI-components like sliders, notification, buttons, and loaders which look just great and match the template perfectly. It’s a good choice for those developers who value simplicity over complication design and those who have clients all over the world.

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Demo Price: $25

AdminPro Dashboard Template


Image source: https://wrappixel.com/demos/admin-templates/admin-pro/dark/index.html

This template shows a fascinating balance between a vibrant color palette and a dark background, but if you enjoy the template with the first look, you enjoy it more while using it. This template is packed with a wide array of ready-to-use UI elements, icons, widgets, etc. You can find more than 500 UI elements in there, 25 sample pages, and 3000 icons! It allows to customize a project to your needs very fast using available components and tools in the template. Furthermore, you can assign different animation effects to the elements like fading, zooming, bouncing, so you make the dashboard look special.


If you value small features in the design that don’t have a great impact on the quality of work but do have on the pleasure from work, this template is a good choice. The cost of this dashboard is $45.

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Demo Price: $45

Right Admin Template


Image source: http://demo.adminbootstrap.com/right/1.0.0/index.html

The template has a minimalistic material design. You can see the dashboard window on the background surface which color flows from dark to the shade of red ruby. Seams and shadows provide meaning that you can touch the main window and a logout button designed like the windows shut down button looks pretty nice. The dashboard isn’t overloaded with unnecessary elements and has all you need to build an admin template for not a big project in e-commerce or corporate business. It also will be very helpful to the communication of your team, since the template has a tagged interface where developers made 3 out of 5 blocks devoted to mails (that support sending documents), messages and recent activity. The template provides every functionality required in an admin template for e-commerce, like charts, forms, tables. The Right is a simple and useful admin template, and it costs just 8$!

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Demo Price: $8

YoraUI Admin Template


Image source: http://www.urbanui.com/yoraui/template/demo/vertical-default-dark/index.html

The premium YoraUI admin template features a modern and colorful design. The design concept maintains a good balance between color elements and dark background, but the amount of opposite colors of the spectrum on one screen sometimes makes it hard to focus on the information you need. The elements are separated using borders and decent spacing. The navigation panel is in the same color as elements on the dashboard, which may lead to a confusion of the borders between the dashboard and the navigation panel. So the design is worth looking, but more than that, you can be surprised by the available opportunities for customization. The template has a lot of customized chart libraries, over 1000+ icons to choose, forms, 18 additional pages, apps like Todo list, Email, Gallery and widgets! You will spend a lot of time to customize it and adapt to the needs of your projects, but you can get any necessary functionality from this template. Developers understood it and built the template with SaaS to make customization easier. The cost of YoraUI template is 25$.

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