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Tool to automate merging of topic branches


This CLI tool automates steps required to cleanly merge a topic branch into a base branch. No merge commits are made. Before merging, the topic branch is rebased so it can be merged using --ff-only then pushed.

If merging this way and using GitHub, and a pull request exists for the topic branch, the pull request will be automatically marked as merged and closed.


Usage: smush [topic branch]

Does the following:

  1. Optionally verify (depending on config file settings/CLI options) if open pull request exists for topic branch
  2. Optionally verify (depending on config file settings/CLI options) if pull request base branch matches configuration
  3. Optionally shows text reminders (if set in config file) before merge
  4. Updates base branch
  5. Rebases topic branch using base branch
  6. Force pushes topic branch
  7. Displays unmerged commits
  8. Displays commit style issues (see Style Checking)
  9. Prompts to allow interactive rebasing if more than one commit is to be merged
  10. Asks confirmation to go ahead with merge
  11. Merges topic branch into base branch
  12. Pushes base branch
  13. Deletes topic branch
  14. Optionally (depending on CLI options) deletes local topic branch
  15. Optionally shows reminders (if set in config file) after merge

If no topic branch is specified, the active branch will be used.

The --skip-pr-check option skips step 2 of the above sequence.

The --skip-style-check option skips step 8 of the above sequence.

The --delete-local option deletes the local topic branch.


Install from Python Package Index:

pip install smush


  1. Install the required Python modules:

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  2. Stick the bin/smush script somewhere you can run it from.

Use without configuration

Smush can be run without configuration using command-line options.


smush --base-branch="qa/2.6.x" --github-owner="artefactual" \
    --github-repo="atom" dev/issue-13177-remove-js-file-reference


Edit the $HOME/.smush.yml YAML-formatted configuration file and set base branch to desired base branch.


base branch: qa/2.5.x

Setting github owner and github repo in your configuration file can, optionally, enable you to have smush check to make sure an open pull request exists for the topic branch.

Setting before notes in your configuration file can, optionally, display notes/reminders before you merge. Likewise, setting after notes can display notes/reminders after you merge.

Setting syntax check scripts in your configuration file can, optionally, check files, changed by commits in your topic branch, using an external script that you specify. Different scripts can be specified for different file extensions.


syntax check scripts:
    php: "php -l {}"

The --profile option can be used to load an alternative configuration. Using --profile=backport, for example, would result in $HOME/.smush-backport.yml being used as a configuration file.

Style checking

The commit style check checks commit messages to make sure that:

  1. The first line of the commit message (described as the "subject line") isn't over 50 characters in length.
  2. Subsequent lines in the commit message (described as "body lines") aren't over 72 characters in length.
  3. There's a blank line between the subject line of the commit message and any subsequent body lines.

This convention, and the reasoning behind it, is described here:


If you want to check the style of a branch without merging it, you can use the --check option.

Branch creation

If you want to create a topic branch, locally and remotely, from the base branch, you can use the --new option.

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