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 4 years ago
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Facebook ThreatExchange

ThreatExchange is a set of RESTful APIs on the Facebook Platform for querying, publishing, and sharing security threat information. It's a light-weight way for exchanging details on malware, phishing pages, and other threats with either specific members of the community or the ThreatExchange community at large.

This repository contains example code for using the API.


Full details on the ThreatExchange API, data formats, and best practices are available at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/threat-exchange/

Example Code

This project offers example code in Python, PHP and Ruby. There is also a reference user interface to ThreatExchange, which is fully client-side, and written in Javascript!

Get all available data

To get all the data in ThreatExchange, use our scripts in the pytx/scripts folder. For example, to get threat descriptors uploaded to ThreatExchange run the following command:

$ python pytx/scripts/get_data.py -o threat_descriptor


You can get details on the ThreatExchange platform, new features and other updates via our blog at https://www.facebook.com/threatexchange.

Getting Access

To request access to ThreatExchange, please submit an application via https://developers.facebook.com/products/threat-exchange/.

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