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 3 years ago
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The power of serverless made easy via a drag-and-drop editor

Refinery allows you to utilize all the power of AWS serverless via a drag-and-drop editor (no serverless knowledge required!). We abstract away all of the infrastructure work to allow you to ship services in a fraction of the time.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
This product is mind-blowing stuff. One of the few "2 days to 2 minutes" pitches that is actually true. I had a personal project that took me a weekend to get set up in the AWS console with all the different Lambdas / APIGateway / SQS configs. Recreated it on Refinery by dragging 3 blocks together and customizing some lambda code inline 🤯UI is snappy and the team is super helpful. Can't recommend it enough 👍
Free Qaz
Co-founder of Refinery Labs!
@patrick_finlay Thank you, Patrick! It is hilarious to reflect on AWS war stories like that. The efforts we go through to scale! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!
Please feel free to ask us any questions you have! You can also read our docs for more information on the specifics: https://docs.refinery.io
Chris DavisFounder, Data Davis
@theprivman Planned support for Python 3?
@imchrisdavis We definitely plan on supporting Python 3 (and Ruby as well), our custom runtime is language-agnostic so we can add new languages without much pain.
@imchrisdavis FYI, we now support Python 3 :) just shipped the feature today
Free Qaz
Co-founder of Refinery Labs!
Kanishka MaheshwariCEO @ InterPrime (YC W19)
This is cool, and makes my cold start times on serverless so much better
Kane Thomasstudent and app maker!
Refinery is awesome stuff, makes it super simple to just get stuff up when we want to test out something before building it into our whole stack, yet still powerful enough that I could probably drag and drop the majority of my backend stack that took weeks to build out.
Congrats on launching! This looks awesome and I'll definitely be trying it out.

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