Android Q won't automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi networks you manually...

 5 years ago
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[Update: Not quite] Android Q won't automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi networks you manually disconnect from

[Update: Not quite] Android Q won't automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi networks you manually disconnect from

Picture this situation: there's something wrong with a Wi-Fi network, so you disconnect from it, but then your phone tries to reconnect again a few seconds later. You try to disconnect again, but with the memory of a goldfish, your phone sees an available network and connects to it again. Eventually you give up and turn off Wi-Fi completely, then realize eight hours later while watching Netflix in bed that you've run through 2GB of cell data.

If all that sounds familiar, you might like one improvement in Android Q. The overview page on the Android Developers site now points out that if a person manually disconnects from a Wi-Fi network, the device won't try to reconnect for the next 24 hours:

If the user uses the Wi-Fi picker to explicitly disconnect from one of the network suggestions when connected to it, then that network is blacklisted for 24 hours. During the blacklist period, that network will not be considered for auto-connection, even if the app removes and re-adds the network suggestion corresponding to the network.

It's nice to see more and more quality-of-life improvements in Android Q, like changes to the share menu and a cleaner interface for notification options. Perhaps this change will end up saving millions of people from accidentally staying on data for too long.

Update: 2019/06/09 12:38pm PDT by Corbin Davenport

This functionality is part of the new Wi-Fi network suggestion API, which allows apps to add nework credentials (for example, an app for an event could automatically give you the password for a private network). The above-mentioned disconnect ability only applies to networks added using the API.

End of Update

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