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 4 years ago
source link: https://github.com/jserv/mazu-editor
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Mazu Editor

Mazu Editor is a minimalist text editor with syntax highlight, copy/paste, and search.


Command line:

  • me <filename>


  • Ctrl-S: Save
  • Ctrl-Q: Quit
  • Ctrl-F: Find string in file
    • ESC to cancel search, Enter to exit search, arrows to navigate
  • Ctrl-C: Copy line
  • Ctrl-X: Cut line
  • Ctrl-V: Paste line
  • PageUp, PageDown: Scroll up/down
  • Up/Down/Left/Right: Move cursor
  • Home/End: move cursor to the beginnging/end of editing line

Mazu Editor does not depend on external library (not even curses). It uses fairly standard VT100 (and similar terminals) escape sequences.


Mazu Editor was inspired by excellent tutorial Build Your Own Text Editor.


Mazu Editor is freely redistributable under the BSD 2 clause license. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

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