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source link: https://github.com/casouri/lunarymacs
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This is a stripped down framework modeling after doom-emacs. It’s extremely basic, but working for me.

Warning: There is no seatbelt.

  • code is easy to understand (since I don’t really know too much elisp)
  • not opinionated: (basically) no default settings set in core. everything is up to you. So you can follow the latest update in core while keeping your own config safe.
  • minimum core files

In summary:

This project is a good starting point of your own config! You can:

  1. Use my configuration (opinionated) and add your own config (submit PR to casouri/lunarymacs-stars if you think yours is good!)
  2. OR Only use the core as a framework and manage your own configurations with a separate repo.
  3. OR Just read the core and wiki as a reference and build your own config from scratch.

More screenshot



Quick start

Lunarymacs is separated into core and config. core is this repo, and config is my personal configurations (stars/modules) in a separate repo.

You can clone only this repo and write your own stars, or clone both and modify my config.

backup you .emacs.d first!

# clonw core
git clone https://github.com/casouri/lunarymacs.git ~/.emacs.d
cd ~/.emacs.d
# clone my config
git clone https://github.com/casouri/lunarymacs-stars.git star
# my init.el is under star/ while init.example.el is under .emacs.d/
# don't cp my init.el unless you use Emacs 26+ on macOS 10.13+

# angel star(emacs layout) and evil star (vim layout) might
# not be compatible. Chose the one you like.
cp init.example.el init.el

# to update lunarymacs
git pull --rebase

# or
make update-moon # it's the same

After installation

What to do now?

Give lunarymacs a try.

And if you use my config (casouri/lunary-stars) note:

As for August 2018 I have moved to emacs layout and the main leader key is C-SPC for angel star (my default), SPC for evil star. For angel star I added some binding to C-x and other first level bindings like C-'= for jump-char and =C-= for expand-region. Because C-SPC is used for leader key, set-mark-command is binded to C-v.

The best way to get the config is to read it, it’s easy to understand. There are README in each star but they are usually outdated (sorry).

Note: I am constantly changing my config and I have shifted to emacs layout since Aug 2018, so evil bindings will fall short on compatibility.

Why separate repo

After sharing my config/framework for some time, I realized that trying to make the config fit everybody is naive and unessessary.

It seems to me that most people (1/1, so actually 100%) like to fork and modify default stars to their taste, instead of adding config in private stars. That makess merging upstream a bit more messy.

“Working tree clean” is super important, as well as keeping update to date in core. So I decide to seperate luanrymacs core and my personal (default) configs. Then you can be in sync with core easily and manage your config in another repo (maybe a fork of default configs, but you don’t ever need to merge upstream of that).

Thank you

Thanks to all the contributors of spacemacs and doom-emacs. I copyied a lot of code from them.

Thanks to everyone in emacs-china.org, you answered many questions of mine.

And of course a big thank-you to all the package contributors and emacs contributors. I can’t enjoy such a great editor without your effort.

Emacs community is the best! ?❤️ (just rhetorical, not comparing :P)


I don’t know what is lunary.

I know it says lunarymacs but homepage is moon emacs, it’s for visual effect. (Now it’s changd to actual moon!)

Stay fresh!

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