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 5 years ago
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WAM Version 1.0


WAM is a platform powered by Python to monitor "Web App", "The dynamic network information". To a certain extent, it greatly help the security researchers save time on tracking the vulnerable code updates and industry dynamics of investment.

  • AM Model: This module can monitor every updates on all of apps on internet, analysising the changes to make Tag and provide mail notification;

  • IDM Model: This module uses Web crawler to fetch the industry dynamic information and report that to users;

  • VDR Model: This module manager all of application package in the history, and save the updated version of which DIFF details;


  • Lang: Python 2.7
  • Framewrok: Django 1.7.11
  • UI: Semantic-ui
  • Database: Mysql


  • AM (App Monitoring)
  • IDM (Information Dynamic Monitoring)
  • VDR (The Relationship Between Vulnerability And Database)

App Monitoring

Information Dynamic Monitoring

The Relationship Between Vulnerability And Database

How to Use

Step 1. Get WAM source code

git clone https://github.com/knownsec/wam.git

Step 2. Update settings

update email server and user settings

TODO settings with dabase Storage


Step 3. Deploy to server

  • nginx
  • uwsgi
  • supervisor

Just use wam/conf config files to deploy your wam code

PS. WAM with LDAP auth

Essentially, need to ensure you have the necessary development libraries installed:

apt-get install libsasl2-dev python-dev libldap2-dev libssl-dev

then pip install python-ldap and uncomment wam/settings.py AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS to

    'wam.ldap_backend.LDAPBackend', # 如果想使LDAP 认证取消注释

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