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 4 years ago
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The truffle framework is trying to build a world-class training program for the existing developer. They will turn the developer into a professional paid blockchain engineer. In the training program, you’ll learn every aspect of blockchain development. With the help of truffle’s entire suite of tools, you’ll learn right from theory and practice to become fully proficient. You’ll receive an offer from one of their partner companies or money back after completing the program. With the help of the training program, you’ll become a professional blockchain engineer.

How does the program work?

Get on the waitlist– In order to become a Truffle certified blockchain engineer, you need to submit your application. A program will then be built by them around the best applicants. They’ll then turn the applicants into fully qualified blockchain engineers.

Get acquainted– Once you are selected, you’ll greet and meet their partner companies. They will select the employer for you.


Get trained– With the help of the full suite of Truffle tools, you’ll get training in the blockchain, everything from theory to execution. The program will end by making you capable to build the complex decentralized application. This will provide you with enough information to focus on your desired area of expertise.

Get hired– Once you are completely trained, you’ll get an opportunity to join the employers you met at the beginning of the program. You’ll also get an opportunity to start your career as a blockchain developer.

The best thing about the program is that your fee will be completely refunded if you’re not provided with an offer by any of their partner companies at the time of completion of the program. A nominal fee is charged by the students to ensure that they are dedicated to succeed.


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