Best JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries and Trends

 5 years ago
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Top JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries and Trends

Worried about selecting a precise technology for your next project?

Just for your knowledge, according to Similartech report, JavaScript technologies have been used in about 20,963,719 websites worldwide.

Many of the JavaScript frameworks and libraries offer a simple, secure and affordable way of development along with some efficient features thus making JavaScript a leading technology. Developers across the globe prefer different JavaScript frameworks and JavaScript libraries for designing their mobile as well as web applications. Further, besides CSS and HTML, JavaScript is one of the three main technologies of the World Wide Web.

Seeing this increasing popularity and effectiveness of JavaScript, if you decide to go for any of the JavaScript frameworks for your upcoming project then you are on right track. Now some questions regarding JavaScript may be revolving in your mind such as:

  • Which are the best JavaScript frameworks in 2018 that I can select from?
  • Which are the finest JavaScript libraries and tools I can start with?
  • Are there any JavaScript trends that I can embrace for my project?

No need to worry, as you will find answers to all such queries here only. I have researched and found the topmost JavaScript frameworks, JavaScript libraries, tools, and trends in 2018 that you can choose from for your website or mobile app development project.

Let’s start with,

Top JavaScript Trends in 2018


Storybook is the best UI development environment which is being considered as a trend in JavaScript development. In 2018 many of the developers will be using Storybook in order to simplify their work. It facilitates you to build and test UI components separately. Storybook greatly enhances the skills of the JavaScript developers and let them bring out amazing results out of their work. So if you want a great UI for your app then you must go for Storybook.

Electron and React Native

If React Native allows you to build apps for mobile devices then Electron enables you to create apps for desktops. Both Electron and React Native are the trending solutions for switching to a native app.  Popular apps like Slack, Atom, and GitHub are built on Electron while apps like Facebook, Instagram and Airbnb are building on React Native. If you want to go from JavaScript to native then you must select React Naive or Electron.

Material Design

While hiring any JavaScript developer you must check out if he/she possesses this particular skill, as the Material design is again one of the top JavaScript trends that companies are embracing greatly. Developed by Google, the Material design is a collection of design standards that perks up user experience by making organized and efficient UIs supporting responsive scaling for diverse screen dimensions and sizes. It uses Google’s material design language and offers components like Toast, Parallax, etc. This is a must-have trend while developing your app or website.

Bots and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is supposed to be the next big revolution in technical advancement. Also, AI-based chatbots are getting immensely popular. Both AI and AI Chatbots are being used in the Web and app development area.  Just like Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence chatbots that have now started talking in their own language you can also implement the AI in your JavaScript project.

Progressive Web App

PWA is the best concept introduced and developed in 2015 by Google. Progressive web apps are websites that look like native mobile apps and can work offline as well.  You can create shortcuts for these apps and save them on the desktop. Because the data is stored in the cache, these PW apps are loaded quickly.  The popularity of progressive web apps is the result of a positive and straightforward user experience and efficient development.

Top JavaScript Frameworks You Must Choose From

Angular JS

Introduced by Google, Angular JS is a Model-View-Whatever framework precise for small companies and start-ups for building Web apps. It offers useful features like two-way data binding, efficient coding, and easy testing. Angular JS is supposed to be one of the most admired JavaScript frameworks of 2018. It is designed to facilitate speedy and agile development to the developers. If you own a small-scale business then Angular JS is an appropriate option for you that will give you excellent results within less time and efforts. It has more than12.2 K stars on the GitHub.


It is an open-source JavaScript framework used for designing user interfaces. Vue with more than 40K stars has become the most famous Front-End GitHub projects in 2017. Continuing this popularity, Vue seems to be one of the top frontend JavaScript frameworks in 2018 as well. It is a lightweight and easy to learn a framework that includes built-in routing, great state management, and incredible tooling. The Vue’s community is not that big, but the core team has huge ambassadors and also pay attention to this community.


Designed by a developer’s team at Facebook in 2013, currently, React JS is one of the most trending JavaScript libraries or frameworks having a large community and strong foundation behind it. It has got over 27.8k stars on GitHub in 2017. React JS effectively handles the view layer for mobile and web apps. With React JS you can build reusable UI components. Though React JS has a tough learning curve, easy display logic and steady data flow make the app development comparatively easy. It is advised to take React JS into consideration while selecting the JavaScript framework.

Best JavaScript Libraries and Tools in 2018

  • Babel

It is the next generation JavaScrip compiler used to convert ECMAScript 2015+ code into a backward compatible JavaScript version so that it works on older browsers or environments.

  • Cheerio

It is a flexible, fast, and lean execution of core jQuery designed particularly for the server. Cheerio can be used for testing ReactJS components.

  • ESLint

ESLint is a pluggable linting utility for JavaScript which can detect syntax errors and style issues. It can be used to diminish bugs in your code.

  • Redux-Saga

It is a redux middleware library designed to make it easy to handle side effects in your redux app. It syncs the I/O and cut off the side-effects effectively.

  • Ramda

Ramda is a practical functional library for JavaScript developers and is one of the top JavaScript libraries being used in 2018. It is a function that works mostly for transducers and lenses.

  • Next.js

Next.js is a lightweight framework for server rendered and static applications. In Next.js, SSR with Express& Node allows automatic bundle splitting, styled-jsx.


In order to make your application or website absolutely outstanding, you must be careful while selecting atechnology stack for it and must choose what’s trending in the market. Thus we have enlightened you with these absolutely trending and topmost aspects of JavaScript. Now the decision is all yours which framework, library and trend you should go for. Besides this, you will need a proficient team of JavaScript developers who are well-versed with such trends, JavaScript libraries, and frameworks.

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