CQRS is easy with Symfony 4 and his Messanger Component – Stefano Alle...

 5 years ago
source link: https://stefanoalletti.wordpress.com/2018/08/10/cqrs-is-easy-with-symfony-4-and-his-messanger-component/
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Today i want to show you how to use The Messanger Component of Symfony. Very useful when your project implements the CQRS pattern. With an example, simplicity of use and practicality will be evident. Let's assume that we have a service like this one: <?php namespace App\Domain\Service\Customer; use App\Domain\Command\Customer\DeleteCustomerCommand; use App\Domain\CommandHandler\Customer\DeleteCustomerCommandHandlerInterface; use App\Domain\Exception\Customer\CriteriaNotAllowedException; use App\Domain\Query\Customer\GetCustomerListQuery; use…

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