KeyValue pipe in Angular 6.1

 4 years ago
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Angular 6.1is recently announced with some interesting features.

One of those features is, the key value pipe .

Currently, there is not any straight forward way to iterate an object keys using ngfor in Angular

I have seen many StackOverflow questions for this and so many workarounds to iterate through objects and array in Angular but now there is a straight and easier way for this.

This can be achieved using keyvalue pipe .

What can be achieved using keyvalue pipe?

A pipe to object Map or object (dictionary) to a key value pair array for use in an ngFor


Let us see how it works

Let us add a component with objects and array as below:

export class Angular6_1Component {

myValues = { key1 : value1 , key2 : value2 };

myObject: {[key: number]: string} = {2: ‘I am two’, 1: ‘I am one’};

myArray = [“I am an array 1”, “I am an array 2”]

myMap = new Map([[2, ‘I am two’], [1, ‘I am one’]]);


As you can see above, I have added different objects, array and Map to test the keyvalue pipe.

Next step is to add the html in which we will use keyvalue pipe:

My Values:

Key: {{item.key}} and Value: {{item.value}}

My Object:

Key: {{item.key}} and Value: {{item.value}}

My Array:

Key: {{item.key}} and Value: {{item.value}}

My Map:

Key: {{item.key}} and Value: {{item.value}}

This will result in:


As you can see above, the syntax is quite easy to iterate objects, array, maps etc using *ngfor.

Note that:

  • As Arrays have only values, keys would start from 0
  • objects\arrays will arrange the order of the keys
  • If the keys are string, keys would be arranged in alphabetical orders

Want to see how it works internally, have a look at this commit here:


Hope it helps.

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